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Diamond City

Welcome to the great green jewel of the Commonwealth. Safe. Happy. A fine place to come, spend your money, settle down.

General information

Location name: Diamond City

Game: Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Release date: November 2015

Genre: Sci-fi RPG

Platforms: PS4, Xbox, Windows


Diamond City, also referred to as the Great Green Jewel, is the biggest settlement in the Fallout 4 universe, known as the Commonwealth. The city is almost completely self-sustainable with a flourishing economy. It boasts a school system, marketplace, radio station, and police force, reflecting its prosperity and power amid the barren, apocalyptic landscape. Almost half a century before, in the centre of the city in the marketplace, another robot named Mr Carter had a violet outburst against humans in the same location. It resulted in 10 fatalities, and the beginning of the bias towards all robotic beings.


The great war caused the near-destruction of the world. Between the United States and China, they obliterated the earth’s surface through nuclear bombing, leaving the world in ruins. Through the use of underground bunkers, humanity managed to survive - but barely. Now, there are scarier things than war. Humans twisted into behemoth super mutants, bear mutants turned ghoul, and escaped war experiments that turned chameleons into flesh-hungry Deathclaws.

The remainder of Boston’s humanity found refuge in an old baseball stadium, formerly named Fenway Park. Many of the stadium’s original architectural elements from its sporting days remain intact. Most notably, The Wall. The locals attribute the city’s prosperity to The Wall, to the point where some rad-heads worship it. If there isn’t a God in the apocalypse, at least there’s a wall. It surrounds the city on three sides. The original intent was to prevent the baseballs from leaving the stadium - but now it stops beasts from coming in. Sitting at 94m high, The Wall is built from wood, covered in tin and concrete, then coated in hard plastic. It acts as a sturdy barrier from the outside world, protecting Diamond City’s inhabitants.


While the external architecture remains the same, the internal buildings are decrepit and rickety, resembling more of a slum than a city. Long gone are the days of glamorous high-rises of Boston. Now, people scavenge and steal for food, bullets, and building materials. The windowless houses are cobbled together from rusting scrap metal and tarp, held together with stringy wire and rope. At the highest point of the city, all you see is a view of dull browns, oxidised green and water damaged tarp, the blue washed out from years of acidic rain.


Diamond City isn’t the easiest place to find while navigating the ramshackle streets. The labyrinthine city is piled high with abandoned buildings, overturned buses and collapsed overground lines, closing streets off and providing housing for all sorts of beasties. Because of its central location and affluence, Diamond City has become a target for the surrounding communities. Hoards of Super Mutants charge at the doors and throw pipe bombs, turning all those they capture into blood bags. Ghouls claw their way through the sandbag defences. Packs of hungry mutant hounds sniff around the outskirts, picking at the fallen bodies of radiated creatures, It has been this way since the birth of the city. The closest safe civilisation to Diamond City is Hangman’s Alley to the north. However, it’s often surrounded by bandits and outlaws, so this isn’t a convenient stopping point for travellers coming or going.

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