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Hi, I’m Poppy Calypso and I’m a creative artworker.


I use the title ‘creative artworker’ opposed to illustrator or designer to encapsulate my multifaceted background and interest in image making. I love trying new techniques and programs, and you’ll always catch me knees deep in a new project, trying out new software, or researching new ideas.


My work is diverse, and I love to play with colour. I work currently to produce visuals for content (social media, website, etc.), travel editorials, and character designs.


My main sources of inspiration come from the exploration and appreciation of different cultures across the world. I love to engage in global conversations, and actively do my best to educate myself about inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and political awareness. In addition to this, I'm passionate about the ocean, international music, and video games.

Got a question or a project idea? Get in touch!

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